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 News & Press Release
Tele Print News and Press Release    Dallas, Tx (November 30, 2005 )
Tele Print Expands DVD Business

Member of  AFL-CIO
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IATSE Local 484

Tele-Print is your one stop media duplicator providing:

  • DVD Duplication
  • CD Duplication
  • DVD Replication
  • USB Printing & Duplication
  • CD Replication
  • VHS to DVD transfers
  • Mini Disc CD's and DVD's

Custom USB Printing and Duplication

Our USB drives are Professional Grade, Teir 1 chips with a lifetime warrany. Choose from 40 different drive colors and a full array of packaging options.

  • Teir 1 High Quality Chip
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free 1 Color Imprint
  • Fast Turn Time

Capacity 1+ 50+ 100+ 300+ 500+ 1,000+ Data Load
128 MB $5.50 $4.90 $4.00 $3.75 $3.65 $3.50 $0.25
256 MB $5.60 $5.00 $4.30 $4.10 $4.00 $3.75 $0.25
512 MB $6.00 $5.50 $4.40 $4.25 $4.05 $3.80 $0.25
1 GB $7.00 $6.50 $5.20 $5.10 $4.90 $4.75 $0.50
2 GB $7.75 $7.50 $6.20 $6.10 $5.95 $5.75 $0.50
4 GB $8.50 $8.25 $6.70 $6.60 $6.45 $6.25 $0.75
8 GB $11.00 $10.50 $9.00 $8.75 $8.50 $8.00 $1.00
16 GB $22.00 $21.00 $19.00 $18.50 $18.25 $17.75 $1.00

We also carry several Add-Ons for your USB order to make your custom USB drive even more convenient!

* All prices are subject to change without notice.

We are a single source supplier based in Dallas covering major cities for all your Media copy services.

Tele-Print can help with any CD DVD or Video project. Our service and prices are unmatched.


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CD Packaging | Programming
DVD Authoring | DVD Mastering

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Find out why we are the right choice as your DVD Duplication and Replication Company!

Bulk Copy Service comprises of:
  • DVD Replication and duplication specializing in custom graphic design and creative design work

  • CD Mini Discs for business promotions

  • DVD VIDEO Services specializing in conversion of your video to DVD Replication or Duplication
Tele-Print Digital Media Center in Dallas, Texas produces a diverse range of projects for large corporations, small businesses, universities, schools, churches and individual consumers. We cater to clients from Houston to Boston to New York to Austin and all points in between. Call us toll free to discuss your DVD, CD, Multi Media project with an experienced and knowledgeable customer service representative, able to make promises and delivery commitments that you can count on.

If you need a short run project completed on a tight deadline we are equipped to complete all aspects of your project in house for pick up or same day overnight shipping.

No matter what type of industry you are in, our small business packages can fit your needs. Our graphic designers are proficient in crafting your printing and packaging ideas for a sharp, professional look. Remember, the first impression about you and your organization most often comes from your marketing media. To create a favorable impression about yourself, your operation and the goods and services you provide your presentation has to look professional and appealing.

Tele-Print Digital Media Center now offers wide printing services for indoor and outdoor projects such as posters, banners, Theatrical Backdrops, backlit signs, and more.



CD Duplication  Every Day Low Price
100 CDs
Duplicated CDRs in Paper Sleevers

$ Call for pricing
CD Duplication
DVD Duplication  Every Day Low Price
1,000 CDs
Replicated CDs on spindle

$ Call for pricing
CD Replication
CD Replication  Every Day Low Price
1,000 CDs
Retail Packaged in CD Jewel Case w/ printed inserts

$ Call for pricing
CD Replication & Packaging
Dallas DVD  & CD Duplication Deals
100 DVDs
Duplicated DVDRs in Paper Sleevers

$ Call for pricing
DVD Duplication
Boston CD Duplication  Every Day Low Price
1,000 DVDs
Replicated DVDs on spindle

$ Call for pricing
DVD Replication
Austin Duplication  Every Day Low Price
1,000 DVDs
Retail Packaged in DVD Box w/ printed inserts

$ Call for pricing
DVD Replication & Packaging

Tele-Print Digital Media Center brings Hollywood to Dallas!

Tele-Print Digital Media Center has purchased and Installed Sonic Solutions Scenarist BD. Sonic Scenarist BD brings Scenarist’s proven performance and reliability to the Blu-ray Disc format, providing a comprehensive and professional BD creation solution for the next generation of optical media. Scenarist offers maximum playback compatibility and complete spec level access to every aspect of the BLU-Ray Disc specification.

Scenarist BD is a comprehensive authoring system developed expressly to tackle the complex challenges of professional title creation for the Blu-ray Disc format. Built to the same standards of performance and reliability that have made Scenarist the worldwide leader for commercial DVD authoring, Scenarist BD delivers the in depth, hands on authoring power you need to develop highly interactive titles that maintain quality and compatibility across the widest possible range of players.

Robert Redd Vice-President says: “With the addition of Scenarist this completes one of the last keys to our move into the high Definition Mini Disc. We can author Theatrical independent releases with the full power of Hollywood and provide the same quality on a corporate level as well and we have all HD formats. I have often said to producers here is a solution for the problem of originating in HD and being forced to release in SD.

Most Blu-Ray inexpensive authoring solutions will not give the power to provide a replication ready disc and none of them will provide full Blu-ray disc specification”.

Jason Ross senior vice president is quoted as saying “This is a very exciting time for our company as no one in the southwest offers the quality service and reliability that our Sonic trained artist can produce with Scenarist”

Here are some of Scenarist Technical Specifications:

Up to 1080p HD Video in Mpeg-2, VC1, AVC or H.264
5.1 –channel, surround audio and stereo supported
Full color menus over video with animated buttons and highlights
Sound effects attached to menus buttons
Pop up menus
Too much more to go into!

Our producer services include:

  • Sonic Scenarist Blu-ray authoring

  • High Quality Encoding

  • Digital Video Formatting

  • HD Editing Suites

  • CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Duplication and Replication

  • HDCAM SR Capture to hard Drives

  • Frame Rate conversions


  • DVC Pro HD

  • HDV

  • Digital Beta



Video Conversion to CD or DVDVideo Conversion to CD or DVD
We can convert your existing video master to CD Rom DVD or both. No matter what format video master you have we can convert it to
disc and program to autorun.
VHS Video DuplicationVideo Duplication
Digital Betacam, D2, 1 inch, Betacam/SP, 
DVCAM, DVD, HI-8mm, VHS, 3/4 inch, 
Betacam/SP PAL, 3/4 inch PAL/SECAM, 
Open Closed Video Caption ServicesOpen and Closed Captioning
Reach the market of 24 million hearing impaired. 3 times Greater retention for training and information videos when adding captioned text to video.
International Video Standards ConversionInternational Video Standards Conversion
We offer four field, eight-bit, broadcast quality digital standards conversions. We can convert video to and from any international video standard.
Video Production EditingVideo Production & Editing Services
Broadcast quality resolution is the standard for our production and editing services.  We also offer all of the popular formats to output your master tape.

DVD and CD duplication, used interchangeably with digital versatile disc duplication, is a process of duplicating information onto a pre-manufactured disc. Duplicating both cds and dvds requires little time and effort, and is the perfect low cost solution for short run projects.

Both dvd and cd copying are commonly referred to as dvd burning and cd burning. The process involves using a laser beam to record small bits of information which represent the pre-recorded material’s binary code. The process is similar to CD and DVD replication, which is excellent for larger volume projects.

Duplicating such information onto existing media is a much faster process for transferring recorded data. The set up times for machinery and delays involved in mastering are not something one has to deal with for this process. With the use of quality high-tech machinery that provide for digital copying, the four color printing process can even be used for packaging. The digital printing process makes both aspects of completing project orders more affordable.

Whether it's a corporate DVD Duplication or a CD Duplication, there's no better Dallas CD DVD company to handle your Duplication needs than us!



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