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In Burbank we duplicate and replicate CD and DVD discs!
CD Duplication and DVD Replication for Hollywood California!

Tele Print CD DVD Duplication Replication
5419 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90027
ph: 1-(972) 702-8388 WXPort
Our mission at Teleprint is provide individual attention to all the CD duplication or DVD duplication projects. We give special care to complete your CD or DVD duplication job from start to finish. Professionals at Teleprint, have complete experience of handling your project and who are aiming for your satisfaction. We deliver Duplication projects fast, done right and offer guarantees for the job done.

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Video Services


Tele-Print Digital Media Center brings Hollywood to Dallas!

Tele-Print Digital Media Center has purchased and Installed Sonic Solutions Scenarist BD. Sonic Scenarist BD brings Scenarist’s proven performance and reliability to the Blu-ray Disc format, providing a comprehensive and professional BD creation solution for the next generation of optical media. Scenarist offers maximum playback compatibility and complete spec level access to every aspect of the BLU-Ray Disc specification.

Scenarist BD is a comprehensive authoring system developed expressly to tackle the complex challenges of professional title creation for the Blu-ray Disc format. Built to the same standards of performance and reliability that have made Scenarist the worldwide leader for commercial DVD authoring, Scenarist BD delivers the in depth, hands on authoring power you need to develop highly interactive titles that maintain quality and compatibility across the widest possible range of players.

Robert Redd Vice-President says: “With the addition of Scenarist this completes one of the last keys to our move into the high Definition Mini Disc. We can author Theatrical independent releases with the full power of Hollywood and provide the same quality on a corporate level as well and we have all HD formats. I have often said to producers here is a solution for the problem of originating in HD and being forced to release in SD.

Most Blu-Ray inexpensive authoring solutions will not give the power to provide a replication ready disc and none of them will provide full Blu-ray disc specification”.

Jason Ross senior vice president is quoted as saying “This is a very exciting time for our company as no one in the southwest offers the quality service and reliability that our Sonic trained artist can produce with Scenarist”

Here are some of Scenarist Technical Specifications:

Up to 1080p HD Video in Mpeg-2, VC1, AVC or H.264
5.1 –channel, surround audio and stereo supported
Full color menus over video with animated buttons and highlights
Sound effects attached to menus buttons
Pop up menus
Too much more to go into!

Our producer services include:

  • Sonic Scenarist Blu-ray authoring

  • High Quality Encoding

  • Digital Video Formatting

  • HD Editing Suites

  • CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Duplication and Replication

  • HDCAM SR Capture to hard Drives

  • Frame Rate conversions


  • DVC Pro HD

  • HDV

  • Digital Beta


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Whether it's a corporate DVD Duplication or a CD Duplication, there's no better Dallas CD DVD company to handle your Duplication needs than us!

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