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Tele-Print Digital Media offers CD Replication and Duplication Services
from 1,000 to 1,000,000 pieces!

CD Replication for 1000 pcs or more!

CD Replication Service

CD ROM replication is less expensive than CD Duplication when it comes to quantities over 500 pcs or more but can also take a few more days in the beginning. With millions of CDs being replicated each day, CD ROM replication can yield significantly lower costs in large volume.
CD Replication and duplication is made easy with Tele-Print Digital Media.
We can handle your entire CD and Mini CD Replication project fast and always within your budget! With our price guarantee and friendly customer service you have found the right CD replication service company to fit your needs.

For CD and DVD replication quotes call us
7:00am - 7:00pm CST @ (972) 702-8388

CD & DVD Packaging Options!

How does CD Replication process work?

The CD and DVD replication process begins the same as CD duplication. You provide us with a finished CD-r master but instead of duplicating the CDs in duplication towers on blank CDrs we create what is called a stamper. A stamper is a digital mirror image of your master disc and is used in a press that takes plastics, metals and bonding agents to actually stamp an exact copy of your original master CD disc. Because of the lower costs associated with replication the majority of retail discs on the market are not duplicated.

CD replication is just the beginning of a successful project, so we also offer a wide variety of CD packaging options. We can provide generic CD packaging options like paper sleeves with windows, clear see through vinyl sleeves, adhesive tamper proof poly sleeves to affix to books brochures or magazines, jewel cases and library cases, as well as digital four color printing services for CD Rom mailers, cardboard sleeves or inserts for the library cases. For more information on our

CD Rom packaging options click here


Custom Printed CDr and screen printed CD-rs
If you prefer to duplicate your own CD-Rs we offer Custom Screen Printed or labeled blank CDr media with your company logo and contact information. All you do is provide us your artwork and we will print the blank CDr media for you. This is a great way to create custom client specific discs on a professionally custom printed CD Rom.

Do you have a concept or idea for a CD duplication project but it is not yet mastered to CD rom take a look at our

CD Rom authoring services


Whether it's a corporate DVD Duplication or a CD Duplication, there's no better Dallas CD DVD company to handle your Duplication needs than us!

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